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Product Name: KY120-1
Views: 34 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-05-15



The company has developed a resurgence of machine KY series of tobacco is a leaf for a resurgence of post-baking, from the fundamental solution to the tobacco just after baking, fragile and so on, greatly reducing the smoke out of time and improve labor efficiency and quality of tobacco leaf The product has been applied for the patent. It is mainly from the rack inside the pump motor, pump tanks, pump compressors, pumps and rack outside the spray nozzle and four wheels composed of atomizing nozzle through the mains and gas pipelines and pump and air pump compressors, respectively Connect. This product is a good solution to the tobacco growers resurgence of traditional manual operation to correct inefficient, poor-quality tobacco leaf processing resurgence of technical problems with atomization resurgence of adjustable, high efficiency, the operating advantages of large area; 4-6, Block barn with a Taiwan resurgence machine humidifier machine can at the same time demand for this product can be increased or improved according to the user nozzle.