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T40 KT40

T40 KT40

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Product Name: T40 KT40
Views: 137 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-05-15

T40 & KT40 series axial fan is used for the ventilation and strengthen the heating radiator, such as factory, warehouse, office and house. Without the casing, the fan is freely. In the longer exhaust pipe, the fan can be installed in-line. In order to improve the pressure of duct.According to the needs of users, the KT40 fan is belt driven with external motor (the motor is installed on the outside of fan duct). KT40 and T40 fans have the same performance parameters. About KT40 fan, we can change the speed, change the performance of the users need. The use of ventilation and dampproof.
Max. Ambient Temp.: <130℃,Relative humidity.:≤98%, In the ambient of weak acid, weak alkali, vapor and no flammable gas, the motor can be also used in the vacuum drying equipment according to the specific conditions
1.Rated voltage: 220V,  220/440V, 220/380/660V 
                           230/400/690V,  240/415/720V                     
2.Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
3.Working Method: continuous (S1) running 
4.Cooling Method: ICO141
5.Protection Class: IP44/IP54
6.Insulation Class: Class B (80℃),  Class F (120℃), Class H(180℃)